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financial literacy
Us female lawyers are an intelligent bunch. But law school didn’t teach us personal financial literacy. It’s time to fix this. Discover Blinkist! Disclaimer: The information in this blog is my personal opinion and experience and is not legal or financial advice in any way! Also, […]
money mistakes that female lawyers make
As lawyers, we hate making mistakes, and we will work hard to avoid them. But we consistently make mistakes when it comes to money. This blog explains what those mistakes are and how to overcome them. Disclaimer: The information in this blog is my personal opinion […]
how to budget and stick to it
The COVID-19 pandemic has had its low points. But there are some silver linings. One of which is the realisation that we can save money and curb our spending – way more than many of us thought to be possible.  Disclaimer: The information in this blog […]
salary reviews
Most lawyers will automatically receive a salary increase each year. We are often told that there are no opportunities to negotiate the increase. However, we also know that there is a huge gender and ethnicity pay gap and that equal pay is still an issue. There […]
how to build an emergency fund
This blog explains why an emergency fund is so important, offers practical tools for creating one and gives you a guide for how much you should save. Recessions do come with negatives, such as job losses and stock market declines. The COVID 19 pandemic has forced […]
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